The Future of

The Future of—Nostalgia

This is the first edition of The Future of, a quarterly magazine, that seeks to reimagine, reclaim, and remap future potentialities of ideas that are shaping contemporary society. The aim of each edition is to deconstruct, recontextualise, and critically tackle notions that can be recuperated as valuable tools in developing a toolkit for a more livable, more just future. The first such idea that we seek to decipher is the convoluted concept of nostalgia. Our nostalgia is a doomed speculative tool that anticipates futures that never come. Our nostalgia is not our vulnerability, but our salvation and our antidote to a hyper-accelerated modernity. Our nostalgia is a nostalgia for the future: a radically new vision through which our relationship with time is reconfigured and in which a new temporal rhythm is proposed. 


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Ștefan Ionescu Ambrosie, Robert Antoniac, Andreea Badea, Andrei Becheru, Aliona Ciobanu, Mark Fridvalszki, George Jepson, Natasha Klimenko, Ramin Mazur, Andrei Mihail, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Petre Mogoș, Vlad Nancă, Laura Naum, Veronica Nojac, Adrian Petcu, Cristina Plecadite, Bogdan Stelea, Ileana Szasz, Andrei Răzvan Voinea, Bogdan Vârșan

Editors: Petre Mogoș & Laura Naum
Designer: Aliona Ciobanu
Fashion editor: Robert Antoniac
Copy editor: Natasha Klimenko
Intern: Uli van Wurst
Cover: Found archival image by Ramin Mazur
Publisher: Dispozitiv Books
Language: English
Typeface: Suisse Int’l, Quant Antiqua
Pages: 128 pages
Size: 23 x 31 cm
ISSN: 2810 — 4250