A one-year live-generated radio stream composed from hopes, fears and dreams of contributors from around the world. What does your future sound like?

What do YOU think about the future? What do YOU expect, fear, hope, propose, plan for the future? You can make your voice heard. Future Voices | Zukunftsmusik are collecting a multitude of voices that together create this one-year-long sound stream.

Humankind lives in a present with many, very different possible futures, seemingly determined by the current constellation of intersecting global crises. Future Voices | Zukunftsmusik invites people from all over the world to give voice to what they expect, hope, fear, plan or propose for the future. Their contributions flow into a generative sound stream composed from these individual Future Voices, a project by the Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits (S4NTP) at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK); voices that would otherwise remain unheard within an attention economy that favours loudness, provocation, and conspiracy theories. We believe all these voices have something constructive to say. Weaving them together by algorithms creates an ongoing, diverse sonic stream of collective consciousness. 

Modern media, from radio to the internet, began with the promise that they would allow two-way communication, and that everyone would be given an equal voice... Future Voices is an experiment that aims to show it is possible. Inviting people to slow down, taking time to listen carefully and patiently to what others say, and then expressing considerate and calm contributions to an evolving slow discourse could become a counter-example to the toxic patterns widespread on many social media platforms. 

Future Voices | Zukunftsmusik premiered at this year's CTM Festival, and was featured in its virtual festival environment Cyberia.

Invitation to contribute: 

FuVo is an open platform that continuously invites anyone to upload short statements about the future that will be woven into the live stream. To add your voice, simply go to https://futurevoices.radio/contribute

Special events:

On May 13, a special Colombia-focused takeover took place on the website, dedicated to the recent events in Colombia. The live broadcast aimed to recreate the transition from peaceful protests, full of singing and dancing, to the distressing and crude panorama that it turned into due to the excessive intervention of the authorities and the lack of action and prevention that the government showed in the situation. Our intervention aims at turning the artistic space of the FuVo stream into a means of dissemination that amplifies the worrying events and the voices of those who are denouncing the abuses and outrages that have occurred since last April 28.

Available via https://futurevoices.radio/ (Stream 2, 9pm CET)

Guest Artists Takeovers:

Apart from the regular stream, S4NTP is inviting a number of sound artists/composers for special takeovers that may result in spin-off Podcasts, custom algorithms or whole day takeovers. We got the confirmations by Algorhythmist Byrke Lou and drone music hero Yair Glotman; dates & details tbc; expect other exciting artistic positions to join us in the future! 

Future Voices | Zukunftsmusik was created and is being continuously expanded by The Society For Non-Trivial Pursuits (S4NTP), a collective of students, alumni and teachers of the Class for Generative Arts / Computational Art at Berlin University for the Arts (UdK). Future Voices/Zukunftsmusik was commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur / Klangkunst, ORF Kunstradio, and CTM Festival as the winner of the Kontinuum Call 2021.