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Kajet 02—On Utopias (PDF)

In the case of Eastern Europe, it is the very fluid history of the region that makes it the perfect site for critically delving into its troubled relationship with the notion of utopia. That is why, especially here, we must continue to juxtapose the current desolate order with a well-established ideal. Focusing on revolts and rebels, on insurgency and visionaries, on the speculative and idealistic, the second issue of KAJET Journal seeks to decipher and resurface utopian alternatives. At a time when the guarantee of liberal Westernism has reached a certain point of saturation in Eastern Europe, we’ve come to realise that we have been tricked into distrusting the existence of an alternative modernity, dooming ourselves to decades of stagnating, catching up, and forever emerging. In fact, utopia itself has become utopian—a forsaken relic of the past, a symbol of failure.

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Authors: Petrică Mogoș, Anya Smirnova, India Lewis, Dominik Wojciechowski, Laura Naum, Irina Savin, Maisa Imamović, Seda Yıldız, Stanisław Welbel, Florina Năstase, Alina Cristea, George Jepson, Miruna Dunu, Anna Łyszcz & Olga, Jonas König Roszkowska, Uroš Pajović, Jeannette Petrik, without appeal, Katarzyna Wąsowska, Cosmin Nicolae, Griet Menschaert, eeefff, Sabin Borș, Océane Réveillac & Philipp Preiß, Ștefan Ionescu-Ambrosie, Natalia Drobot

Edited by Petrică Mogoș & Laura Naum

Design by Gabriel Barbu

Illustration by Ana Maria Dudu

Cover: Lenin Forever by Natalia Drobot

Publisher: KAJET, a journal of Eastern European encounters

Language: English

Pages: 240 pages

Size: 16,5 x 23 x (2) cm

Weight: 600g

ISSN: 2559 – 8015