The Future of

The Future of—Ghosts

This is the second edition of The Future of, a quarterly magazine, that seeks to reimagine, reclaim, and remap future potentialities of ideas that are shaping contemporary society. Why ghosts? Because longing for ghosts is a symptom of discontent with modern society, an indication that the present has become ungraspable and the future sterile. Our interest in ghosts is not a fringe eccentricity that signifies backwardness or sheer fascination with the obscure, but a consequential condition of our times. So, following these steps, instead of erasing ghosts, let’s honour their existence.


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Ștefan Ionescu Ambrosie, Robert Antoniac, Andreea Badea, Alexandra Chiriac, Aliona Ciobanu, Natasha Klimenko, Vlad Mihai, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Petre Mogoș, Laura Naum, Márió Z. Nemes, Veronica Nojac, Mădălina Preda, Horațiu Șovăială, Katarzyna Wąsowska, Marianne Wąsowska

Editors: Petre Mogoș & Laura Naum
Designer: Aliona Ciobanu
Copy editor: Natasha Klimenko
Cover: YCS/Alexandra Statache, seen by Veronica Nojac
Publisher: Dispozitiv Books
Language: English
Pages: 128 pages
Print run: 4300 copies
ISSN: 2810 — 4250